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Nine Questions to Answer Before You Retire

Savant’s Retirement Planner eBook

Over the last 30+ years, you have been planning for this moment—your retirement. You have been a dedicated saver and paid close attention to nurturing and growing your retirement nest egg. The transition to retirement is likely to present a host of unique challenges, exciting experiences, and complex decisions.You may be wondering what you need to know before you retire! Most people will only retire once, which is why determining the timing can feel particularly daunting.

We have guided thousands of people and distilled that collective wisdom into this eBook. Every journey is unique, but there are always common threads. Our Retirement Planner eBook is a collection of our foundational beliefs and strategies about retirement.

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Questions to Answer Before You Retire

We help people grappling with retirement questions every day and know the ins and outs of the details in play. The chapters in our Retirement Planner eBook are broken up by question. Each chapter is written by our very own financial advisors and financial planners. It is our sincere hope that this book will help you to live a more fruitful life in your retirement.

Am I Financially Ready to Retire?

Evaluating the sustainability of your desired lifestyle in retirement is not a simple process. Learn more about being financially prepared for retirement from Christopher Ruedi, CFP®, RICP®, MBA, in our Retirement Planner eBook.

Am I Emotionally Ready for Retirement?

No matter how ready you think you are for retirement, it’s a big change and can be intimidating. Learn more about emotional readiness from Theresa Harezlak, CFP®, CDFA®, in our Retirement Planner eBook.

Do I Know My Net Worth?

Do you have a clear picture of your assets and liabilities? Learn why you need a Personal Net Worth Statement and how to get started from Jakob Loescher, CFP®, ChFC®, AIF®, CRPC®, CRPS® in our Retirement Planner eBook.

How Will I Replace My Income in Retirement?

You may be wondering how to re-create a paycheck during retirement. Learn more about how you can measure the sustainability of your retirement plan from Casey Christianson, CFP®, ChFC® in our Retirement Planner eBook.

What Role Will Government Programs Play in My Retirement?

Like it or not, you and Uncle Sam will be working closely together during retirement. Learn more about key milestones and rules for Medicare, Social Security, and Retirement Withdrawals from Justin D. Smith, CFP®, CFA®, in our Retirement Planner eBook.

How Do I Plan for Health Care Costs?

When people think about their retirement, they often overlook healthcare. Learn more about your health insurance options and calculating the costs of health care from Kelli Peterson, CPA, CFP®, ATA, MPA, in our Retirement Planner eBook.

What if I Want to Keep Working?

Are you weighing the pros and cons of a “transitional career” before retirement? Learn more about the freedom a traditional career could offer from Robert Morrison, CFP®, in our Retirement Planner eBook.

Should I Purchase a Family Vacation Home?

A vacation home can provide a special retreat for you and your family to gather and enjoy one another’s company. It not only brings emotional attachment but also unique estate planning challenges. Learn more from Jeff Lewis, CFP®, ChFC®, CRPS® in our Retirement Planner eBook.


Retirement Worksheets

At the end of the eBook, we include a few worksheets that will help you see how the financial pieces will come together in retirement:

  • Retirement Income Worksheet
  • Social Security Benefits Worksheet
  • Retirement Asset Worksheet
  • Budget Worksheet