Cents of Self

Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Financial Future

At Savant, we have a diverse team who are committed to empowering women. We recognize that while the basics of money management have nothing to do with gender, women often have different financial challenges and unique financial planning needs. They tend to live longer, save less, invest more conservatively, and take breaks from the workplace to care for others.

Although more women manage their household’s finances in addition to serving as influential leaders in business and the community, we still see the detrimental effects of financial illiteracy on women in the world every day.

Cents of Self is a vibrant and supportive community of women who support each other as they walk further along the path to financial literacy.

For more information about the Cents of Self community or its related events, contact us.

Past Commentary & Articles

Cents of Self
May 5, 2023

Few things turn a retirement plan upside down more than a divorce. You may be worried you will have to abandon your retirement plan if your 401K is divided in a divorce, and you very well may be right.

Cents of Self
May 3, 2023

When working with your child to find the right college, it’s crucial to evaluate the cost as you would an investment. The cost of college can be substantial, and having a significant amount of debt can negatively impact your – or your child’s – financial future.

Cents of Self
May 2, 2023

The warmer weather often inspires people to start a home improvement project. Drive by any garden center on a Saturday afternoon, and you’ll see large crowds buying supplies to spruce up their homes and yards.

Cents of Self
April 25, 2023

When you were married, you likely relied on your spouse to pay the bills and manage your finances if you lost your job, became ill, or suffered injuries from an accident. If you are now solely responsible for handling your finances, consider developing a contingency plan so you won’t miss bill payments due to unforeseen life events.

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