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May 10, 2021

Estate Documents Basics

Having a well thought out and organized estate plan is one of the kindest things you can do for your family and heirs. Financial advisor Libby Muldowney discusses the basic estate planning documents that should be considered, the reasons why you should have an estate plan, and how an estate plan can evolve over time to meet the changing needs of your life stages.

May 6, 2021

Raising Financially Responsible Children [On-Demand Webinar]

In this on-demand webinar, financial advisors Libby Muldowney and Maureen Wright will show you how to tailor money lessons for your young ones, tweens, teens, and 20-somethings! You’ll also learn how personality can impact financial behavior.

May 6, 2021

A Mother’s Investing Wisdom

Financial advisor Janet Petran imparts financial wisdom she gained from her own experience of saving for retirement. She includes several investing tenets that have helped shape her own retirement savings philosophy.

March 28, 2021
financial steps to consider after divorce

Finally Divorced? Don’t Forget These Critically Important Steps

After your divorce decree is in hand, there are still several critically important steps you need to take to secure your financial future. Financial advisor Allison Alexander outlines several steps to consider and provides a post-divorce checklist in her recent blog post.

March 10, 2021
tips for families on utilizing tax credits for working families

Tax Planning for Working Families

When you are a working parent, gathering documents for your tax return is just one more thing to do in your busy life. Financial advisor Nicholas De Jong provides a few practical tips and ideas to help you along the way.

December 17, 2020
adding money management to your New Year’s resolution list.

Is Money Management Part of Your Self-Care Regimen?

Self-care has been a popular topic in 2020. Have you thought about adding money management to your weekly regimen? With 2021 on the horizon, consider adding it to your New Year’s resolution list.

Cents of Self
November 24, 2020
Gifting Money to Family

What You Need to Know Before Gifting Money to Family

As the pandemic continues, more retirees may feel compelled to help family members who find themselves in a difficult financial situation this year. Before you write a check, take a moment to think about four important considerations.

November 23, 2020

Financial Planning for First-Time Parents

While new parents initially plan for their child’s immediate needs, planning for the future is just as important. From setting up a college savings plan to naming a guardian in your will, here are a few things new parents should consider.

August 12, 2020
Considering Divorce

Considering Divorce? How a Financial Advisor Can Help

If you’re considering divorce, you may want to take advantage of this time during COVID to do some research. The divorce process has many moving parts, and you’ll want to consider working with a team of professionals.

Cents of Self
June 26, 2020
Women and Disability Coverage: It’s human nature to think: nothing will happen to me, I’m fine.

Women and Disability Coverage

You may be surprised that many women don’t have adequate disability coverage. Janet Petran talks about why disability coverage is especially important for women.

August 20, 2019
Women in STEM

Opportunities for Women in STEM

Over the past several years there has been more and more focus on education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, often referred to as STEM. It’s no surprise […]

June 20, 2019
Woman with coffee mug that says Like A Boss.

Use Your Side Hustle Now to Provide Financial Security Later

As more women work “side hustles” outside of their regular employment (e.g., Uber, Postmates, Task Rabbit, etc.), there is an opportunity for them to establish their own Solo 401(k) plan, […]