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Seeking a Second Opinion

Looking for a Second Opinion on Your Financial Situation?

Just as a second opinion about your health may be helpful, you may find it enlightening to get a second opinion about your finances. We’re familiar with most university benefits plans and our goal is to help you assess your situation, whether you’re worried about a potential problem or looking for increased peace of mind.

We have a deep bench of in-house estate planning, taxation, and accounting specialists who can view your financial state through the lens of their respective disciplines. Each member strives to help bring valuable insights to apply to your situation, contributing to actionable recommendations customized for you.

UWM Second Opinion

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UWM - Seeking a Second Opinion

The Value of a Second Opinion

A medical second opinion could lead to a new treatment, or even a new diagnosis. Another physician examines your condition from a new perspective and can provide new options. Even if the second opinion validates your current approach, it could help provide peace of mind knowing that you’re on a productive path. Could your finances benefit from similar attention?