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New Look, Same Spirit

We recently unveiled a new name and updated brand to better reflect our bench of expertise and holistic approach. Learn more in our brand launch video.

The transition to retirement presents complex decisions. Our guidebook outlines nine vital questions to consider before you stop working.

Year-End Tax Planning and Strategies

In this on-demand video, we provide a summary of 2020 tax updates and year-end tax planning strategies to consider.

How Financially Fit Are You?

Find out how you’re doing in 10 key areas with our 3-minute online assessment.

Hear the latest guidance and tips from professionals who navigate estate planning challenges with families every day.

We are committed to continuing to serve our Savant community during these challenging times. We are available via phone, email, and virtual meetings during business hours.

Wise Counsel By Your Side

Savant Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm providing comprehensive financial advice to individuals, families, and businesses across the nation. Since 1986, we have focused on one key principle—that all financial advice should be made strictly in the best interest of the client. But it goes beyond that. We are committed to helping our clients pursue peace of mind through the collective insight, wisdom, and perspective that we offer. That’s Wise Counsel by your side.

The People We Serve

Our clientele come from diverse backgrounds but hold common values and priorities. They are devoted to caring for their family members and loved ones. They work hard but also make time for varied investments and building family relationships and memories. They look for ways to help others, especially their loved ones. And, they are dedicated to ensuring the well being and success of their family. These common roots are found throughout all our families, regardless of life stages.



Saving & Building Your Wealth

While juggling your commitments, you start to wonder if you’re managing your finances as you should. Will you have enough to retire or send the kids to a top school?

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Transitioning Into Retirement

Retirement isn’t a one-day event; it’s a multi-year process as you move beyond work. You’ve worked hard and saved a considerable nest egg, but there are many moving parts.

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Diversifying & Protecting Your Life’s Work

You’ve worked hard to build your career and your business. Retirement may look different for you; the complexities of monetizing your business require specific expertise.

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Suddenly Solo

Taking Control of Your Wealth After Divorce or Loss of Your Spouse

Transitioning from living as a couple to managing on your own can be complicated. Taking control and picking up the pieces can be a bigger job than you bargained for.

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The Right Team

At Savant, our team members share a common passion - serving our clients - and they do so with the highest level of integrity and care. We take great pride in our team, combining hand-picked individuals with the knowledge, talent, and wisdom to help build your ideal future.

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