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Accounting & Consulting Services

Let Savant Carry the Burden

Put the power of Savant’s wise counsel to work for your business. Our goal when you partner with our team of attorneys, accountants, and consultants is to empower you to take your business to the next level.

Our wide range of tax, accounting, payroll, and business consulting services can help you and your organization reach your goals. Backed by robust technology and service platforms, we’re confident that our services will help meet your needs effectively and efficiently.

Specializing in medical and dental practices, our highly qualified team has extensive knowledge of complex tax and financial matters associated with closely held businesses and their owners. When clients engage our tax and consulting services, they enjoy a high-level CPA resource for their practice without the need for additional staff and overhead.

We Offer Consulting Services For:

  • Business entity selection
  • Accounts payable systems
  • Internal controls
  • Office policies
  • Development and staffing
  • Compensation models
  • Forecasting and tax planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Development of accounting and bookkeeping systems

Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning is often a complex process that is fraught with sensitive and delicate situations and relationships. And the final plan can vary significantly between businesses and industries. Some of the intricate parts of a succession plan can include:

Process Infographic

Transfer Ownership

Transferring ownership of a family business to the next generation.


Developing a plan to reward key employees and limit their ability to leave the company.


Selling the company outright to a third party for the highest possible valuation.

Our Goal for Your Business Succession Needs

Our goal is to bring clarity, focus, simplicity, and efficiency to your business transaction, through a process that helps you create a well-structured plan that is aligned with your vision and goals. Our experienced, credentialed team works with you to help ensure that your business succession plan accomplishes your goals, which may include:

  1. Allowing you to concentrate on the parts of the business you enjoy
  2. Providing a stable continuity of management for your employees and customers
  3. Maximizing your potential payout from the sale
  4. Finding a buyer that is the best fit for your business culture
  5. Minimizing potential taxes for you and your family
  6. Helping you reward and treat key employees and family fairly
  7. Making sure you leave a legacy through the continuation of your business

The Savant Difference

  • Extensive knowledge of complex tax and financial matters associated with closely held businesses and their owners
  • Access to a team with 30 years of experience working with an industry focus of medical and dental professionals
  • Access to a high level CPA resource without the need for additional overhead
  • A personalized and dedicated CFO resource for practices and small businesses
  • Utilization of top technology and service platforms
  • In-depth tax planning and research capabilities