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Compelling Presentations for Your Next Event

Our advisors are adept at presenting financial topics to individuals and professional audiences. Whether you’re planning an industry conference, professional learning session, or client event, Savant Wealth Management can help.

Our financial advisors and deep bench of in-house estate planning, taxation, and accounting specialists can present on a wide variety of topics. Learn more about some of our presentations below.

Estate Planning

How will you and your loved ones be taken care of in the future? Having an estate plan can help you organize your affairs, create a plan for distributing your assets, plan for capital gains and help avoid probate. During this presentation you will learn ways to help protect your assets in the event of death or disability, potentially save or reduce estate and income tax that may otherwise be due at death, help provide for the efficient transfer of your real and personal property, and reduce or avoid conflict among your heirs while avoiding court involvement in the administration of your estate.

Advanced Strategies to Manage Concentrated Stock Risk

This presentation outlines some of the advanced capabilities we use when working with clients who hold concentrated stock positions, often with low cost basis. Our process removes emotion from the equation and helps generate extra income and reduce the severe downside risk.


Tax-Smart Philanthropy

Since the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, millions of people are no longer getting a tax benefit for the generous donations they make. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can develop a plan that is bigger and more strategic than just writing individual checks to align with your goals and accomplish the greatest impact for your philanthropy.

The Changing Face of Work

The idea of full-stop retirement—going from 100% work mode to 100% leisure mode—is now neither sustainable nor desirable for everyone. The key is to work because you want to, not because you have to. The book, Victory Lap Retirement, outlines a strategy that helps people create the post-employment lifestyle that’s right for them. It’s a unique blend of work and play that helps them live life on their own terms while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

Retirement Evolved

Retirement is no longer a destination, but a journey that can last for a very long time. As with any journey, there are bumps along the way and perhaps several detours. Retirement Evolved reveals the biggest threats to retirement and provides planning strategies to help clients improve their chances of success.

Suddenly Single

Life sometimes surprises us with an unexpected situation. Creating a plan that takes into consideration multiple scenarios can help you feel better prepared for the future.

Optimized Investing

Tax-Optimized Investing

A discussion about the concept of “Tax Alpha” and why it should be an essential element of your long-term investment strategy.



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