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Company Retirement Plans

Bringing It All Together

Structuring and maintaining a company retirement plan while ensuring compliance with all governing laws and regulations is a full-time job. And most times it’s an additional responsibility on top of your day job.

While fiduciary duty should be a principal focus, as the plan sponsor you may not have the time or in-depth knowledge to meet the requirements that regulatory bodies require.

Our experienced team works together with companies to build an attractive benefit plan for employees while helping reduce fiduciary risk and minimize the administrative burden. With a less complicated process, we believe you’ll have the capacity to focus on running your business while knowing that your employees are in good hands to help build their ideal retirement.

Ideal 401K Plans


Optimal Plan Design

  • Initial consultation to understand the needs of your plan
  • Designing the plan to meet those needs
  • Ongoing discussions to ensure your plan continues to work for you and your employees
Fiduciary Governance

Fiduciary Governance

Fiduciary Governance
  • CEFEX certified
  • Design and implementation of a prudent process
  • Manage ongoing due diligence including all compliance, documentation, and important legal matters
Participant Engagement

Participant Engagement

Participant Engagement
  • Group and one-on-one educational meetings
  • Online tools and materials
  • Online account access
Invesment Due Dilligence

Investment Due Diligence and Management

Invesment Due Dilligence
  • We manage the selection and monitoring of your funds for you
  • No proprietary funds
  • Sound investment philosophy

Less Complex Client Service

  • We work with you to design a plan that meets your needs
  • We provide a streamlined conversion process
  • We have a dedicated team with one point of contact focused on your plan’s success

Less Risk Through Fiduciary Mitigation and Investment Due Diligence

  • We design and implement a prudent investment process and manage ongoing due diligence
  • We provide education and investment consulting at both the plan and participant level
  • We take on the fiduciary responsibility for the administration of your plan

Less Burden with Simplified Plan Administration

  • We manage all of the compliance complexities, documentation, and important legal matters pertaining to your plan

More Employee Engagement

  • Auto-enrollment
  • Auto-rebalancing
  • Customized participant enrollment packets
  • Risk assessment and guidance tools
  • Easy online account access
  • Online participant success blog
  • Employee education group and/or one-on-one meetings
  • Written and online education and enrollment materials

Grey Tan Spotlight

Fiduciary Excellence

We are CEFEX certified as Investment Steward, Investment Advisor, and Plan Administrator under ERISA 3(16). The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) is an independent global assessment and certification organization. It works closely with investment fiduciaries and industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs to improve risk management for institutional and retail investors. CEFEX certification helps determine the trustworthiness of investment fiduciaries.

CEFEX (Centre for Fiduciary Excellence) is an independent global assessment and certification organization that has conducted a voluntary third-party assessment of Savant’s books and records to evaluate Savant’s adherence to a defined fiduciary standard. CEFEX certification should not be construed as a current or past endorsement of Savant by any of its clients. For more information on CEFEX, please visit

Why a CEFEX Certification is Important

  • We follow a fiduciary standard
  • We voluntarily undertake annual independent audits
  • We adhere to an industry standard of best practices
  • We position ourselves as a trusted advisor

Why a CEFEX Certification Matters

  • We place our clients’ interests first
  • We have structured processes in place
  • We stand by being transparent and accountable
  • We foster a culture of continuous improvement

Savant Wealth Management (“Savant”) is an SEC registered investment adviser headquartered in Rockford, Illinois. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk. Therefore, it should not be assumed that future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy, including the investments and/or investment strategies recommended and/or undertaken by Savant, or any non-investment related services, will be profitable, equal any historical performance levels, be suitable for your portfolio or individual situation, or prove successful. Please see our Important Disclosures.