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At Savant, we are committed to helping our clients pursue peace of mind through the collective insight, wisdom, and perspective that we offer.

Although everyone’s situation is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, these case studies provide an inside look at how we strive to help our clients achieve their financial goals through our personalized approach.

Whether you’re looking to retire comfortably, grow your wealth, or protect your assets, our case studies are designed to provide a sense of how we can help you pursue your financial goals. We encourage you to explore our case studies and learn more about our services.

Losing a Spouse Case Study - Rory

Rebuilding His Life After Losing His Spouse

Moving on after losing a spouse may seem like an insurmountable task. When Rory’s wife died suddenly, he quit his job and took time to deal with his grief. But he knew he couldn’t dwell on his wife’s death forever. Eventually, Rory decided to get back into the workforce and get his financial situation organized. With the help of Savant Advisor Rick Bender, he re-evaluated his goals and set his sights on creating a new life for himself – including a plan to retire in Mexico.

Feeling Confident About Retirement

With the potential for retirement to last as long as 30 or more years, it’s no wonder many people worry about outlasting their money. If you’re ready to retire, but don’t feel confident about whether you’re financially ready, a milestone that’s worthy of celebration can become a source of stress instead. That was the case for Steve, who turned to Savant Advisor Don Duncan for help.

High Returns Also Bring a High Tax Bill

“Manuel,” the owner/founder of a small manufacturing company in the Midwest, was pleased at the high returns he was seeing in his portfolio. To Manuel and his wife, Dana, planning for the future was a high priority. They were looking forward to retiring early and had directed their advisor to invest aggressively so they could reach their goal of living comfortably in retirement.

Selling a Business

When “Debbie” first started her consulting business, she worked alone in the basement of her home, using an old desk that had been her father’s. But it wasn’t long before she had one employee, and then 10 employees. The firm moved from Debbie’s home to an office downtown. Debbie, who was single, traveled frequently to see clients and continued to land new business for the firm while her employees managed payroll and human resources, IT, and marketing.

Our Goal Is to Help You Plan and Live Your Ideal Life

We believe great advisors help you uncover what’s really important and help you chart a course to live the ideal future you’ve always dreamed of.

We are committed to helping our clients pursue peace of mind through the collective insight, wisdom, and perspective that we offer. That’s Wise Counsel by your side.

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