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Rethinking Work

Planning Your Next Chapter of Life

Are you interested in living life on your own terms and creating a template for meaningful work to support it? Maybe it’s a matter of figuring out the next steps to make it happen. Savant has worked with many executives and professionals through this same transition by partnering with them to create a vision for the next chapter in their lives.


Are You at a Career Crossroads?

A Playbook for Designing Your Next Chapter

Retirement is changing. After a successful career, you may be looking at another 20-30 years. Our Career Crossroads Playbook will help you see the possibilities and determine the next steps in your transition.

New Thinking on the Next Chapter

How to Create a Plan When You’re Not Quite Ready to Retire

Our vision of retirement is changing. It’s no longer an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, we conducted a retirement study with Absolute Engagement and found that some retirees wind up going back to work. In our study, 19 percent of those who retired decided to start working again. And it wasn’t about the money: 36 percent of these former retirees told us they were financially ready but not personally ready to quit working. Another 34 percent said they just couldn’t move on from working full time, while 28 percent said they didn’t feel fulfilled. We believe working with a Savant advisor can help you carefully plan your next chapter and help reduce your chances of encountering a “false start” retirement.

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