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Transition into Retirement

Design Your Next Chapter

Retirement – as we know it – is changing and evolving. For some, it may still mean the end of full-time work and a complete transition to leisure activities. But for others, it’s an opportunity to design an ideal future: one that may or may not include work, volunteering, starting a business, traveling the world, and more.

Whether you’re 45 or 65, successfully starting your “next chapter” requires a plan. At Savant Wealth Management, our advisors can help you prepare – with answers to your financial questions and guidance to help you envision the life you want to live.

Transition into retirement

Retirement Countdown Guidebook

7 Questions to Answer When You’re Within 5 Years of Retirement

Before you retire, you’ll encounter several challenges and complex decisions. Savant’s Retirement Countdown Guidebook outlines vital questions to answer before you retire.


Retirement Planning and Your Ideal Future

Leading You Closer To, and Through, Your Ideal Future

Your Savant team is here to help you design, transition to, and live the life you envision. We’re with you on the journey— supporting your plans, keeping you on track, and celebrating with you as you enjoy the ride. Our financial planning, tax, and estate planning specialists work with you to understand your needs, recommending ways to help grow your wealth, protect your health, minimize the impact of taxes, and live comfortably now and in the future.