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Avoid a Big Tax Bill

Paying Too Much in Taxes?

Getting a large tax bill can be a nightmare – especially if you weren’t expecting it. At Savant Wealth Management, our tax and consulting team understands the complexities and frequent tax law changes that often take clients by surprise. Our goal is to make sure you pay no more in taxes than you legally owe, and we can develop longer-term tax plans to help ensure you won’t experience another surprise in the future. It’s one of the ways we always place your interests first.


How Short-Term Thinking May Lead to Long-Term Headaches

Americans owe taxes for a variety of reasons, and each taxpayer’s situation is unique. However, in “Steve’s” case, short-term capital gains caused some longer-term headaches. In this hypothetical case, see what Steve learned when he faced a surprise federal tax bill of $125,000.

Our Wise Counsel Approach: A Process and Plan for Peace of Mind

At Savant, our team of CPAs and tax professionals stays informed about changes to the tax code and the potential implications for our clients. With our Wise Counsel at your side, you can be confident that we’re applying a robust process, anticipating your needs, and collaborating team-wide to develop and implement your personalized tax plan. Here’s how Savant’s approach can potentially benefit you:


Unwanted surprises, such as higher tax bills

A deliberate approach that prepares you for what to expect

Paying too much tax

Paying only what you owe and maximizing opportunities to save

Relying on advice from friends, family, or other non-expert sources

Access to a deep bench of well-informed tax professionals who understand your personal situation

Spending hours on a DIY solution and anxiously wondering if you’re making the right decisions

Increased likelihood of experiencing confidence and peace of mind, knowing Team Savant has your back

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