Experiencing Divorce or Losing a Spouse

Suddenly Single: Navigating the Transition

Whether through divorce or the death of your spouse, going from part of a couple to being on your own comes with significant emotional and financial challenges. With Savant by your side, you’ll have a trusted advisor to listen as you discuss your situation, concerns, and vision for the future. We’ll walk along the path with you through the financial triage to help you pick up the pieces and create a foundation for your new life.

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Post-Divorce Checklist

Finally Divorced? Don’t Forget These Critically Important Steps

After your divorce is finalized, there is still much to do. Savant’s Post-Divorce Checklist will help you remember these critically important steps to help secure your financial future.

Optimized Investing

Take Control of Your Wealth

Savant Can Take Care of the Details While You Take Care of Yourself

When losing a spouse through death or divorce, you’ll need to make important financial decisions while you are feeling emotional stress and grief. Our team of professionals can help prepare you for issues like medical bills, attorney fees, Social Security decisions, and revising your estate plan and beneficiaries. Our goal is to help you feel more secure about having sufficient income to support your lifestyle.

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Although planning for the death of a spouse is unpleasant, the possibility of losing considerable income because your spouse passes away can be just as unpleasant. Proactive planning can help ease some of that strain.