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Preserving Your Health in Retirement

August 4 2021 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm CDT

Longevity isn’t about doing one thing right, or about perfection, and it isn’t just for the chosen few. It can be an option for almost all of us and is about making informed choices along the journey of life.

Most people give away about 10 years of their lifespan by unhealthy living. Did you know you can increase your life expectancy by learning more about the principles of longevity?

Human biology is nothing short of spectacular. If you stress it appropriately, feed it quality fuel, and foster it in an environment that supports success, it miraculously heals the wounds of normal living, entirely without our knowledge. Billions of our cells die and are replaced every day, constantly adapting and interacting with all parts of the body and with the world around it. Understanding this can position us on a smoother trajectory.

In this webinar, longevity educator Scott Fulton will share some of the science behind how we influence our rate of aging and how to make significant health investments that can pay us back in years.

Key takeaways:

  • Jeans, genes and epigenomes – the language of extended health within us
  • The master regulators of aging that can keep us young
  • Balancing the five pillars of longevity for new challenges ahead
  • Leveraging our investment mindset to deliver the outcomes we value most
  • Dashboard approach to keeping engaged and on track

Zoom Webinar