New Study by Savant Wealth Management and Absolute Engagement

The Death of Retirement: New Thinking on the Next Chapter

It’s no secret that people’s perceptions of “retirement” have been evolving for quite some time. For some, it means the end of full-time work. For others, it’s the beginning of a whole new adventure that may or may not begin when we reach a certain age. Knowing that the retirement conversation is changing, our evidence-based team at Savant Wealth Management wanted to know more. We partnered with Absolute Engagement to validate statistically what we’ve observed anecdotally. Our findings not only have implications for workers and retirees – they also could potentially affect employers, retirement product providers, and even our social safety net.

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About Our Report

What does “retirement” really mean anymore? If you look at the dictionary definitions, retirement is the action of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work, withdrawal from one’s position or occupation from active working life, or the act of stopping working…usually because you are old.

But that’s not what 750 high-net-worth investors told us! Read The Death of Retirement: New Thinking on the Next Chapter to learn why the term “retirement” is losing relevance, and what that means for the future.

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Videos with Our Authors

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Rob Morrison, CFP®, discusses a key finding from our research: that even as people plan to work to a traditional retirement age, they would prefer to retire sooner.

Rob Morrison, CFP®, comments on what the study means for advisors who provide retirement advice to clients.

Julie Littlechild, founder and CEO of Absolute Engagement, discusses the research findings and how they paint a hopeful picture of the future.

Julie Littlechild discusses how views on retirement differed among men and women in our study.

The Presenting Authors of This Study

Learn more about the authors of our report: Rob Morrison, CFP®, chief strategy and innovation officer at Savant Wealth Management, and Julie Littlechild, founder and CEO of Absolute Engagement.

Rob Morrison

Morrison, Robert M

Julie Littlechild