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Tag: Investment Planning

Market Commentary
June 15, 2021

Alternative Investments: An Art and a Science

Incorporating alternative investments into a portfolio is an art and a science. Senior investment research analyst Eamon Verdone examines the data and whether it supports including alternatives in a portfolio or if investors may be better off sticking with a tried and true portfolio of stocks and bonds.

May 4, 2021
ESG Investing 101

ESG Investing 101

ESG, a form of investing that takes key Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics into consideration during the portfolio construction process, is gaining traction. Eamon Verdone, a senior investment research analyst, talks about how these strategies can help investors support corporations that apply best practices from an ESG standpoint.

March 5, 2021

Buy High, Sell Higher

Most investors are familiar with the sage advice to “buy low and sell high.” But what happens if the market approaches another record? Senior investment research analyst Eamon Verdone looks into this question and provides historical context.

February 19, 2021
Evidence-based investing ebi

Evidence-Based Investing White Paper

This paper introduces the methods and conclusions of Evidence-Based Investing and relates how an investor can best capture market gains while avoiding the pitfalls of conventional approaches. In doing so, this paper will demonstrate the tangible benefits of a scientific approach for the individual investor.

February 17, 2021
ESG investing is an accelerating trend - more investors are deciding to align their portfolios with their beliefs every year.

ESG Investing: Does Investing for Good Impact Performance?

While few can afford the philanthropic reach of well-known billionaires, mainstream investors can now align their investment portfolios with their personal beliefs. Senior investment research analyst Eamon Verdone provides more information about ESG Investing and how it may impact performance.

February 15, 2021
value investing

A Value-able Roadmap

Investors are always looking for a roadmap that will reveal the path to market-beating returns. For long-term investors, we can look to one of the market’s worst kept secrets: value investing.

January 27, 2021
performance of value stocks in 2021

Value on the Horizon

Investment research analyst Danny Noonan looks back at the recent strong performance of value stocks and discusses possible scenarios for 2021.

January 26, 2021
Should You Buy Company Stock as Part of your 401(k

Does it Make Sense to Buy Company Stock as Part of your 401(k) Plan?

Does it make sense to buy company stock as part of your 401(k) plan? It may be beneficial from a tax perspective. Wealth strategy associate Alexander Strauss explains this tax strategy in his latest blog post.

January 25, 2021
Forward Looking Returns Whitepaper

Forward-Looking Returns White Paper

Learn more about Modern Portfolio Theory and how we developed our investing methodology.

January 4, 2021
am i over-insured? balancing act

Comprehensive and Integrated Planning for Your Financial Future

Financial advisor Don Duncan discusses Savant’s integrated approach and how the 10 key planning areas work together to help clients work toward achieving their financial goals.

September 2, 2020
Own the Haystack

Own the Haystack!

Identifying the big winners of the stock market ahead of time is unlikely. And as such, it would be wise to focus on owning the haystack rather than searching for the needle.

September 2, 2020
return premium to our factors

The Factor Zoo

Professionals have developed theories about factors since 1964. Explore the return premium to our factors: some are big, some are small and some don’t exist at all.