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Tag: Investment Planning

May 12, 2020
On Your Mind

What’s on Your Mind?

We answer frequently asked questions, including “Should I make changes to my portfolio in response to the coronavirus?” and “I heard that Savant is undergoing some changes, how will they […]

May 11, 2020
Tree Roots

Maxims for Good and Bad Markets

As we progress through this challenging economic and volatile market environment, we think it is important to illustrate that Savant’s long-standing philosophical beliefs established in 1993 still hold true today […]

Market Commentary
May 8, 2020
Market Update - Stock Ticker

Market Update – April 2020

Global stocks (+11.0%) started off the second quarter on a positive note. All equity asset classes posted gains for the month with U.S. small cap stocks (+13.7%) leading the way. […]

Market Commentary
April 9, 2020
Market Update - Stock Ticker

Market Update – March 2020

March experienced large swings across asset classes as markets entered the ominous beginning of the bear market. Global stocks fell (‐14.4%) as fear of the coronavirus blasted headlines. Both U.S. […]