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Cassandra M. Rhode

Document Imaging Specialist
Joined Team Savant 2014

Prior to joining Savant, Cassandra worked as an executive pastry chef for nine years at a country club in Wilmette, IL, and for a year at a new bakery in Lake Forest, IL. In order to run an efficient pastry department, her responsibilities included daily preparation of desserts for the various dining facilities, meeting with clients to discuss wedding cakes and other dessert options, creating various desserts for small and large banquet functions, proper training of employees, and keeping daily and monthly inventories.

Cassandra earned an associate of applied science degree in culinary arts and a bachelor of arts degree in hospitality management from Kendall College. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and creating cakes and other desserts in her spare time. She competes in powerlifting, a sport with an amazing community of people where she has met many friends.